Make the Most
of the Federal
Stimulus Funds

Our funding consultants can help.

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Achieve3000 offers award-winning, ESSER-aligned digital solutions that are designed to increase engagement and accelerate and deepen learning. These powerful, research-based solutions help educators differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students.
An Unprecedented Opportunity
Since last year, nearly $190 billion in emergency relief funds have been allocated to K-12 education through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund (ESSER)—more federal dollars than the American school system has ever seen!

We want our learning partners to take full advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Our consultants will help you navigate the funding maze and find the best solutions for your educators and students.

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Check out this brief video as Javier Trujillo, our Vice President of Government and Community Partnerships, discusses how federal stimulus funding can be used to accelerate learning growth.

What Does This Mean for You and Your Students?
This chart shows how much money schools and districts could spend on each student historically and how much new funding had been allocated to them by each of the COVID relief bills.

chart illustrating how much money schools and districts could spend on each student historically and how much new funding had been allocated to them by each of the COVID relief bills
How Much Money is Available?
A total of nearly $190 billion—more federal dollars than the American school system has ever seen! Read more about how to make the most of ESSER funding here.
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5 Ways the Achieve3000 Learning Platform Aligns to ESSER Funding Priorities
Ninety percent of ESSER funding will be distributed to districts based on their relative share of Title I, Part A funding. The funding can be spent on a variety of needs, including:

1. Purchasing educational technology
Districts can use funds to purchase hardware, software, and improve connectivity. Achieve3000’s learning platform is composed of four separate solutions that support technology-enabled instruction for ELA, science, social studies, and math in grades PreK-12.

2. Addressing unfinished learning
At least 20 percent of funds must be spent on helping students make up for lost time in the classroom. Achieve3000 Literacy is designed to help every student access grade-level concepts at their own reading level. And it’s GUARANTEED to deliver at least 2X expected reading growth, or the next year is on us!

3. Planning and implementing activities related to summer learning
Achieve3000 Summer Intensive is designed to help students make big learning gains in a short period of time. In fact, summer school students in one of the country’s largest districts have seen 6 months’ growth in only 5 weeks!

4. Closing the homework gap by narrowing the digital divide
With anytime, anywhere access from any device, Achieve3000’s solutions can be used whether students have internet access at home or not.

5. Providing supports for at-promise students
Robust language and learning scaffolds; timely, culturally relevant content; and real-time student-teacher interaction are only a few of the ways Achieve3000’s solutions extend the teacher’s reach to meet the needs of every student.

Supporting Your Success with the Achieve3000 Learning Platform
As a pioneer in technology-enabled instruction, Achieve3000 is prepared to support our partners with evidence-based and proven-effective solutions and services. See how the Achieve3000 Learning Platform aligns to federal funding initiatives.

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Literacy Acceleration
Drives literacy growth and acceleration for every student through differentiated, culturally responsive content and instruction. Grades 2-12

Math Acceleration
Supports students’ math fluency and skills mastery through individualized practice. It’s like having a personal tutor for every student. Grades K-12

Curriculum Platform
Provides engaging, interactive curriculum in ELA, science and social studies to enable deeper learning for every student. Grades 3-12

Foundational Literacy
Develops students’ mastery of foundational reading skills through fun, personalized game-based instruction. Grades PreK-2

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