National Lexile Study
Impact of Achieve3000 Literacy Usage on Student Reading Growth
A Special Message from Dr. Malbert Smith, MetaMetrics
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As CEO, President, and Cofounder of MetaMetrics, an educational measurement and research organization dedicated to bringing meaning to measurement in education and, specifically, to developing scientific measures of student achievement, I am delighted to share my thoughts about Achieve3000 and the results of this year’s National Lexile Study.

As a research scientist, I understand that studies like this one are absolutely critical in gauging the efficacy of a specific learning approach or solution. In order to know where you’re going, and whether you’re making progress toward getting there, you first need to know where you are right now. In the case of Achieve3000, their stated mission is to unlock potential and accelerate learning growth for every student.

It is very important in large independent studies like this one to remember that we’re just not talking about thousands of data points. We’re talking about students—living, breathing, laughing, learning human students. That’s why my company is called MetaMetrics, which literally means “beyond the metrics.” When I think of Achieve3000 Literacy, a few words come to mind. Differentiation is one. Acceleration is another. Culturally relevant content is three more. Achieve3000 was an EdTech before we even called them that. For more than 21 years, they’ve been finding better ways to use technology to increase engagement and accelerate learning growth for students everywhere.

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This National Lexile Study is a snapshot of how well they were able to do that in 2020-21. It’s been a challenging time in education. No one saw the pandemic coming. It forced schools and districts to adapt very quickly to a “new normal.” It wasn’t easy for anybody. Kids had meltdowns. Parents expressed their frustration in viral videos. And educators took a deep breath and overcame incredible challenges to move forward. Despite all of the challenges, a funny thing happened: kids continued to read and learn and grow. And kids who had access to online learning solutions like Achieve3000 Literacy did even better. They read. They learned. And they grew like crazy. I’m not going to get into the actual data. But what I can tell you is that year after year, studies like this tell us one thing: Achieve3000 Literacy really works.

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The 2020-21 National Lexile Study demonstrated, as previous independent national studies have done, that Achieve3000 Literacy is an effective way to accelerate learning growth across all races, racial and ethnicities, grade levels, and learning profiles, including English learners, below-grade-level readers, and advanced readers. In spite of the school closures, this year’s results are consistent with previous reports in that students at every level achieved higher than expected Lexile growth.

Recommendations include:

  • Culturally relevant content is an effective way to inspire, engage, and motivate diverse learners. As the country becomes increasingly diverse, the need for content and instruction that is reflective and inclusive of students from different backgrounds is an essential aspect of providing equitable access to education for all. This study showed that many students were not engaged during the pandemic. Re-engaging them will be the key to ensuring that they can make up for unfinished learning. Culturally relevant content can help re-engage students.
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  • Technology-enabled instruction allows all students to learn at their own pace and in their own way. Based on the analyses of students’ usage, performance, and growth across learning environments, it’s clear that the pandemic and the sudden shift to remote instruction allowed students the flexibility to learn in ways that worked best for them. Going forward, students will benefit greatly if schools and districts can continue to provide them with personalized and adaptive learning opportunities.
  • Providing tools to accelerate growth will be essential in helping to address unfinished learning. Many studies have shown that students are likely to come back to school in the fall with some degree of unfinished learning. Differentiated instructional solutions like Achieve3000 Literacy can help students catch up and get on track for success after graduation.
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